Ep 103 - Assembling for Avengers: WandaVision Bonus Episode - Jess and Jared look at the first Marvel show on Disney+, WandaVision!

We look at how it connects this new era of the MCU to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Marvel television, and some thoughts on the dangers of fan expectations, the future of Marvel TV on Disney+. And we talk about grief. And Agatha. And Monica. We get into the meat of the story, comics connections and differences, Agents of S.H.‪‪I.E.L.D. connections, Hayward, and Wanda's status as a complex character who's not purely heroic, but not a villain.

We also discuss the appearance of the Darkhold and the obvious lack of followthrough from some S.H.‪‪I.E.L.D. viewers who are just now questioning its canonicity in the greater MCU. We discuss the twins, and their inevitable future as MCU Young Avengers. We discuss of the grief process in WandaVision vs. the MCU films, and the benefit that the show's format gives their examination of loss, and what it means to move on. WandaVision was able to go more into depth about what enduring the grief process feels like, and came at a time where the entire world is plagued with an epidemic putting us all in a grief-filled existence.

Plus: We want a Jimmy Woo show with Darcy! Give us Jimmy Woo: Agent of S.W.O.R.D.! And Jimmy and Coulson are our Marvel TV dads, and we love them! And Jared is convinced that we're getting Young Avengers soon!

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